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Vocal Session with Kath Biss



The second song of the upcoming  EP  is called “Fall for You” and we had the feeling that a female voice would give more bite to the song. The lyrics speak about one of those really complicated relationship.  As if that ever happens ! lol

So we decided to work with a local singer called Kath Biss.   Simon knows her well and worked with her ​on a few occasions in the past. She has a powerful voice and a great charisma.

She’s a real pro, she sang the parts convincingly and effectively. We spent the rest of the night in studio drinking red wine and talked about music and tattoos.  Ohh its a tough life but somebody’s got to do it! ;oD


Click “Here to Hear” a teaser of the results:



Performing The New Songs For the First Time!

Last Saturday, we played a show at a private party near Quebec City.  It was lots of fun and it gave us the opportunity to play the new material for the first time. We played the four songs that will b eon our upcoming EP.

01. Stay

02. Fall For You

03. Falcon 69

04. Artificial Joy

Excellent response from the crowd.  People had their asses grooving all set long.  Can’t wait to play the new stuff on a big stage.



Vocal Sessions in the Woods

We just got back from a couple days in a beautiful house in the woods recording vocals for our upcoming EP.  We decided to leave the comfort of our studio in order to disconnect and work with a different vibe in tune with nature. Burning wood in the fireplace in middle of the forest, with great food and unlimited open bar,  and total tranquility shared with only great company. Everyone was there, the band, our manager and our friend Mat to track some back vocals and help us with the recording of the songs.

Day 1: It started off late because of computer glitches that got fixed with believe it or not a vintage 8pin mouse!  We ended up tracking until 6 in the morning! We managed to get all the vocals we needed for two songs, “Artificial Joy” and “Out Of Bounds”.  The choral at the end of “Artificial Joy” (which you will be hearing soon), was actually recorded at 5 in the morning, everyone with a drink in hand, and barely able to stand.

Day 2: We woke up only a few hours after falling asleep.  The smell of bacon and eggs Luc was cooking up made us all get out of bed.  After a good dose of coffee, we took a little time to listen to that we had recorded the night before.  All good!   After a few hours of R&R and breathing in fresh air, it wasn’t too long before I was ready to return and face the mic for another session.  We started by tracking the vocals and back vocals for “Fall for you” and finished up our In the Woods recording sessions with “Stay”.

We’re now looking at a few more days in the studio to edit the material we recorded and then we move on to the MIX !!!



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Red Rhino Studio Session

What a great weekend!  We spent the whole day at Red Rhino Studio last Saturday recording guitars and bass for the upcoming EP. Everything went really well. We had Richard Vincent (who worked with Elli Goulding in the past as engineer), a really nice guy and we had a lot of fun with him during the session.   His dog Bauer listened to the session carefully to make sure Gé played it tight and right. ;oP

Everything was recorded and patched through a SSL4040G+ console and it sounds FAT and we now have real analog TONE.  As of Saturday night we have professionally recorded drums, bass and guitars, and we’re slowing getting closer to mixing the new material!  Before we get to lay down a mix, the next step and by far not least, is recording the vocals.  We’re most probably going to rent a home in the Laurentian mountains for a couple days and record in harmony with nature…

If all goes well,  we should be mixing the track by mid-late October.  I can’t wait!   I’ll be sure to keep you posted with the progress.

I also want to thank Arthur from Landmark Events for helping us book the studio an such short notice.   Really appreciate your help dude!  Red Rhino and Richard are amazing!



tee rhino

Big in japan!

You might remember that last January we were selected along side 51 other artists amongst thousands of candidates to write a song to be part of a worldwide marketing campaign called “52 Songs of Happiness”.  Its been quite a long time since we sent in the material but we are really happy to finally start seeing the campaign begin to roll out.  We were informed yesterday that Coca Cola Japan did a collaboration with Soundcloud and kicked off their version of the campaign!

Our song “So good inside” is currently the most played and liked song on Coca Cola Japan’s 52 Doses webpage!




@Club Soda as seen by Charles Henri Debeur

What a night!  Great venue, amazing crowd, and a killer time!  Here’s the photo report by Kodak Kingpin Charles Henri Debeur.

Photo: www.charleshenridebeur.com

Photo: www.charleshenridebeur.com

Photo: www.charleshenridebeur.com

Photo: www.charleshenridebeur.com

Photo: www.charleshenridebeur.com

Photo: www.charleshenridebeur.com



Dance it, Dance all : Over 100 000 Downloads!


It hasn’t even been a year since we released our fan funded Dance it, Dance all record and we’re are really proud to say that we have blown by the 100,000 download mark!

At the time we’re writting this there are 90k downloads on Jamendo, 15k on the Free Music Archive, and thousands more on soundcloud, torrent sites and through our netlabel Enough Records.

100,000 Downloads is equivalent to having a Platinum Single here in Canada!

Its an amazing feeling to know that a whole bunch of people from all over the world have downloaded Dance it, Dance all to  their iPods, computers and mp3 players, not to mention the lucky few who also have it on vinyl.

Dance it, Dance all is also a fan favorite at our live shows.  Dubstep or better yet ANALOG dubstep performed with a Drum, Guitar, Bass and a tambourine, seems to really get you guys going!  For those of you that have not had the chance to see us play yet, this is what is sounds like when we play it live!

Nice review on Earbuddy UK


Remixing St.Lucia’s “Elevate”

I’m not really a big fan of remix “contests”. You spend time and energy working on a new version of an existing song and if it’s not selected, then you lose the song and all the time and energy you invested.  No sharing, no appearances on any social networks and you can’t do anything about it because its not your song!

But this time, we decided to participate because we’re pretty big fans of St.Lucia. His album “When the Night” has been one of my favorites of 2013. And the song for the remix contest is actually my album favorite “Elevate”.

Whatever ends up happening with our remix, we had a lot of fun doing it and we’re pretty proud of the end result. The only place you can hear it is on Indabamusic. Listen fast because we don’t control how long its going to be up there.


Stay: gone to mix

After nine months of production,  recording, booking studios, editing, listening, tweaking, bouncing, listening, analyzing, recording, writing lyrics, singing lyrics, listening and listening over and over, the first song of the EP is finally gone to mix today.
It feels funny to let go of something on which we have worked on for so long. But I’m really excited about it. “Stay” is now gone into the hands of reknown mixer Luc Tellier (Simple Plan, New Cities, Chris Starr).


The Easton Mobils

The final shot

Final shot

Here’s what happens when you spend too much time bouncing tracks on a computer. While you’re waiting for the machine to crunch the audio, you end up doing all sorts of totally useless things just to get your mind off the fact you’re waiting for a computer!  Durring this bouncing session, my method of killing bounce time , was playing around with a with a bunch of Playmobil that my son left in the studio…

I know, I probably shouldn’t be writing a post about  this, but it really made us laugh so much that I decided to share it with you.


The assembly


The shooting




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